Zicatela Beach and La Punta in Puerto Escondido

The largest and most visited beach by tourists at Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca Mexico is Zicatela beach. This white sand beach has countless beach bars, restaurants and hotels along it. The beach simultaneously is where the action is and the action isn’t. My first and lasting impression is of a place that has been so built up and readied for tourists that it has diluted itself to the point of seeming empty, even when there are plenty of people. I was told the few exceptions to this are during Easter and New Years. I was there for Easter, or Semana Santa, it was packed and wonderful to see the place so lively.

Beach Fun in Mexico

Beach goers having fun during Semana Santa at Zicatela beach in Puerto Escondido.









The surfing and body boarding at Zicatela beach is world class. The real surfers are out early in the morning to catch the larger waves that tend to come at that time.

A surfer shredding it at Puerto Escondido.

This guy made surfing look easy.












La Punta is at the very end of Zicatela beach. You will find the true surf fanatics out there mornings and afternoons trying to catch the big waves that start breaking near the rocks. This end of town is really surf city. The odds of meeting surfers who have traveled from around the globe to try the waves are 100%. Most of Puerto Escondido is full of Canadian snow birds during the winter months, at La Punta you are bound to meet Australians whose mission in life is surfing and having a blast. This is by far my favorite part of town.

Surfer in Puerto Escondido

Braving the rocks at La Punta











Even though Zicatela beach seems generally empty most of the time, late at night, several nights a week, the place is on fire. Though the fire is generally only at 1 place each night. Some nights it’s Casa Babylon, others Barfly and Sundays it’s at GuaDua. There are other places that get hopping, when you’re here ask around, if you like fun after 11pm, you’ll find it somewhere most nights.

Oaxaca beach at Puerto Escondido

View from La Punta down to the end of Zicatela beach in Puerto Escondido.

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