Yucatan Day Trips – Tulum Mexico Family Vacation Fun

Mayan dancers at Tulum Mexico family vacation.

Mayan pole dancers at Tulum Mexico. A short walk from the Mayan ruins.

As summer vacation officially starts for schools all across the United States and Canada, many parents are looking for a great place to take their families on fun vacation getaways. One place that I have always loved is the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The Yucatan is full of Mayan ruins, white sand beaches, all inclusive resorts and mysterious cenotes to swim in. One mistake many people make when they stay in their all inclusive hotels in Mexico, is that they never leave the hotel. The Yucatan is full of great safe and fun day trip destinations to take your family. One of these destinations is the Mayan ruins of Tulum on the Mayan Riviera.

Tulum is a post classic Mayan archaeological site right on the beach overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. Whether you are driving yourself or taking one of the many shuttles offered by travel agencies all over the Yucatan, it is an easy drive from Playa Del Carmen and most vacation destinations on the Mayan Riviera. When you arrive, the parking lot is a short distance from the ruins. There is a snack bar, gift shops
and quite often some form of cultural entertainment happening. Take some time here to watch the Mayan pole dancers perform their death defying feats of devotion while twirling upside down on ropes suspended from a 60 foot tall pole.
If you are taking your family to Tulum for the day here are some good tips to help make the day more fun for everyone. Of course bringing a good safe sunscreen is obvious, but here’s a few more tips you may not think about when heading to the ruins.

TULUM archaeological site in Mexico. The Castillo, overlooking the Carribbean.

Tulum Mayan ruins archaeological site in Mexico. The Castillo, overlooking the Carribbean.

Bring beach towels and swimsuits for everyone. You may be thinking about climbing around on ruins, but remember there is an amazing Mexican Caribbean beach there. After the ruins, an afternoon lounging on the mixed rock and white sand beach before returning to your hotel can really make a family vacation fun day.

Tulum Mexico on the Cairribbean Ocean. Fun Mexico family travel destination.

The rocks overlooking the beach at Tulum Mexico. A fun family travel Mexico day trip.

Bring a picnic and plenty of water. The day before you head to the ruins ask your hotel if they have picnic or box lunches for day trips, many do. If they don’t, ask a nearby restaurant of your liking if they do. Having some food and drink can really help keep both parents and kids from getting an attack of travel crabby pants.

Bring some good bug repellent. The sand flies and mosquitoes on the beaches of the Yucatan are just a fact of life. They are not terrible, but some repellent can help keep you focused on family fun and not on swatting flies.

The most important thing to bring with you on any family vacation is a good attitude and flexible plans. You never know when a rain shower, or some other unexpected travel delay, can happen. Don’t get upset, adjust and look around for some other fun option. The Yucatan is full of fun Mexican travel destinations. Don’t be afraid to get a little wet, a little sweaty or a little out of your element and you will have the makings of a great family vacation!

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