Volcano Pacaya in Guatemala Erupts, La Aurora Airport Closed Until Sunday

On the evening of May 27th the popular tourist destination Pacaya volcano near Guatemala City entered a phase of violent lava fountaining reaching a height of about 1 kilometer. The ash plume was up to 3-4 km elevation drifting north-west towards the capital.
Three people were reported killed in the eruption, two villagers and a journalist who tried to approach the crater and was hit by rocks spewed by the active volcano. Newspapers have reported at least 9 children are missing and more than 20 people were injured. Thousands of people have fled their homes or were evacuated. Many buildings were damaged.
Authorities evacuated the National Park of Pacaya and nearby villages and declared the state of emergency for the region. The significant ash fall caused traffic chaos in Guatemala city and La Aurora international airport was closed due to the volcanic ash. News reports say the airport will not reopen until Sunday, barring further eruptions.
The intensity of the explosions declined later in the evening, but scientists warn that new violent phases could follow.

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