UFO Flies Over Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Travel Pic Pick

UFO over Lake Atitlan

UFO flies over Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Aliens or ??? Click UFO photos to enlarge.

I was looking through some photos from around Lake Atitlan for my Travel Pic Pick and found one I had forgotten about. I took this photo in the early evening on a day in July last year. Some friends and I were in front of my house talking and someone noticed a cigar shaped object going from left to right over the lake. From where we were standing Lake Atitlan was behind the house. From our perspective the object appeared to be going over the other side of the lake on the Panajachel side. By the time I ran into the house, grabbed my camera and ran back out, I was only able to get one clear shot before the UFO went out of view.

UFO over Lake Atitlan Close Up

UFO Slowly Crossing Lake Atitlan Close Up

No blimps ever fly in the area that I know of. It made no noise and was gone as quick as it came. My first UFO over magical Lake Atitlan. By UFO I mean it was flying and we couldn’t identify it. The close up is the best resolution I could get, my guess is there is a lot of atmospheric distortion.

We all waved but the aliens piloting the UFO, or whoever was flying that thing, had no interest in us. My guess is that they were just doing a fly by to see where the best landing spot will be for the big 2012 party….;)


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    • Robin, hmmm….”Fuzzy Pic of Helicopter Far Away” just doesn’t make as interesting a title. This kind of shoots a hole in what was going to be my next post, “Bigfoot Spotted at Tikal Ruins”, you will most likely point out that it is probably a howler monkey since bigfoot isn’t known to swing from trees 🙂

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