The Mayan Ruins of Tenam Puente in Chiapas Mexico

Just a few minutes south of the city of Comitan in southern Chiapas there is a great little Mayan ruins called Tenam Puente. This site isn’t very large, but it is in a beautiful setting and it makes a nice one or two hour side trip in combination with going to Chinkultic or the Lagos Montebello.







Our friend Doug from Wanderism.



The right turn off as you come from Comitan puts you on a road in some disrepair that leads through a small community and to a parking lot on the right. The fee is moderate, about 35 pesos, and there are bathrooms at the small ticket center.

The odds are good that you will have the place to yourself if you go on a weekday. The whole site is essentially a series of terraced plateaus with ruins on each as you climb to the top.

We went with our friend Doug from, on a day trip from San Cristobal de las Casas.

Tenam Puente seems like a great place to bring a picnic.









Mayan ball court on an upper level of Teman Puente in Chiapas.








From one of the upper levels there is a great view out over the Valley of Balun Canan, (Maya for nine hills) where Comitan is located. The site has a commanding view over the valley which was an important trade route from the Highlands of Chiapas down into Guatemala.

View from an upper level of Tenam Puente

View from an upper level of Tenam Puente.









From excavations at the site, archaeologists believe Tenam Puente was occupied from around 300 to 600 CE and the again from 900 to 1200 CE.

The very top level of Tenam Puente



















My mother always used to take a lot of pictures of flowers every where we went. She called these her “nature studies.” Here’s some of the flowers that were in bloom that day in September.

Nature study of wild flowers at the Mayan ruins of Tenam Puente.




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