The Elecronic Jaguar of San Cristobal de las Casas ~ A Machine of Loving Grace

Jaguar on the street of San Cristobal de las Casas

He walked into town in the morning mists, spent the day, then left.

Living your life in country full of diverse cultures, you get used to unusual things happening from time to time. Sometimes it’s a random parade on a weekday morning or it could be a lady with a bushel basket of chickens trying to sell you one at your front door. Different and unexpected things are happening all the time. Not long ago something very different and very unusual happened.

It was a cool and misty summer morning just after the night of a full harvest moon. The local Maya were getting their wares set up in the marketplace. Restaurants were getting ready to serve breakfast to the assorted tourists from Europe, Australia, the U.S. and places unknown in both time and space. Backpackers in hostels all over town were still rolling in their beds recovering from a night of Latin jazz and cheap tequila at Revolution Bar.

Just as the sun crested the hill on the east side of town, shining it’s rays on the back of the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a new type of visitor strolled into town. No one expected him and many people found him so unusual they refused to see him. As he ambled past the indigenous market, old Mayan ladies looked up from their wares and smiled smiles that reached through time and shared the lips of ancestors long gone. They saw him and knew him. The jaguar is a sacred icon to the Maya and living jaguars are as living gods. They knew his form, by looking into his eyes they could see back through the mists of time into the eyes of his ancestors, which once looked out into the eyes of their own. His fur had changed in color and texture, he wore the skin of the modern age. His coat shone with the spark of electricity. The skin of the electronic computing god which the whole world kneels before had been flayed and formed to make him a new armor. He spent the day just wandering around and stood in front of the Municipal building in the zocalo of San Cristobal for a good long while. The old Maya people and young children all saw him. Many people just hurried by, either not noticing or choosing not to see.

Jaguar with modern coat

With a coat ripped from the altar of technology, the ancient god within still lives.

His message was silent but clear for those who could see. The old gods are still here, the jaguars people still live in this part of the world. They are learning how to use the tools of modernity without forgetting the lessons of eternity. Once the tools are mastered, they will rise with a voice of their own to take back what is lost and help lead the way out of this technological jungle we have created. After a silent day, he walked back past the market and out of town. As the sun set in the west casting a bright golden light on the front of the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe his people know he will return.

the jaguar of chiapas

The Old Maya and the young saw him and knew they belonged to each other.


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