San Cristobal De Las Casas Panorama Photos

On our daily walk today we happened by a great hotel at the top of one of the hills here in town. We asked if we could see inside and they welcomed us in. After being shown a room we were told to check out the roof of the hotel, which was also a nice seating area. I took these photographs of San Cristobal from the roof. A great view of the city. Tomorrow I will update with details on the hotel, tonight here’s the pics.

A view of San Cristobal from up high.

The whole town of San Cristobal de las Casas, here in Chiapas. As always click on the photographs to ENLARGE.

Here is a cropped version of the photo from the Barrio of Guadalupe, on the right, to the 500 year old church of Santo Domingo, on the left.

View of San CCristobal de las Casas in panorama

The last photo is more close up of the Church of Guadalupe in the Barrio of Guadalupe, a very nice part of town. Actually the whole town is amazingly nice and friendly.

A large view of the Church of Guadalupe and San Cristobal

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