Parrots and Full Moon in Tikal Photos

Full moon at dusk in Tikal National Park, Guatemala. (Click photos to ENLARGE)

I took these photos when I visited Tikal, in the Peten basin jungle of Guatemala, a few years ago. I stayed as late as I was allowed and took the photo on the right from the top of temple 4 as I was being asked to “please leave the now”. Both sunrise and sunset inside of Tikal National Park are an amazing experience. If you ever go to visit, and you should, try to spend a night at one of the hotels inside of the park. That is the only way you will be able to see the park at these times of day, as none of the tourist buses arrive much before 8am and leave by 5pm, most days.

The parrots below were flying past me as I was standing on the top of a temple in the Mundo Perdido (Lost World) section of Tikal. There were also quite a few toucans flying around, unfortunately I was unable to take a good photograph of any of them.

Parrots fly in the Lost World section of Tikal Mayan ruins.

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