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Lake Atitlan Health is a website I started as an information porthole in response to an outbreak of Cyanobacteria Lyngbya in Lake Atitlan. I was living there at the time. I kayaked on the lake regularly and in the course of less than 2 weeks in September of 2009 the lake went from relatively clear to being covered in green slime, also called blue-green algae. It was terrible and no one seemed to have any good concrete information on exactly what was happening. My wife Kelly and I went into full research mode for facts, this website is the result.

I have also designed and maintain EZLegalCoach.com, Guatemalasbest.com, Casassancristobal.com, Lavinadebacco.com and BeautifulWidgets.com, amongst others.

I have contributed to Helo Magazine including an article about Lake Atitlan and some of the problems facing it. My photography has been used in articles by Helo Magazine, Atitlan Community and Guatemala Times.

If you need a website for your business or service contact me for more information at dennis@mayantrip.com. 1 page websites start at $300 usd, including first years hosting and domain name.




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