Old Doors in the Spanish Colonial town of San Cristobal De Las Casas

One of the great things about old Spanish colonial towns is all of the interesting architectural details everywhere you look. Many of the colonials near the center of San Cristobal are well over 100 years old, though it is hard to know how many are actually from the time of the colonization. There are quite a few adobe houses which are newer than 100 years old as well.

Door on an old Spanish colonial house in San Cristobal De Las Casas

Looks like this old door gets covered in a few feet of water every now and then.

Behind that old door which blocks my view
What I would give for a peek or two
A courtyard for Ladies and tea in their roses
Where are they now, one only supposes

Grass grows on an old door in an adobe wall in San Cristobal

I love the old adobe buildings and walls in their various stages of elegant decay.

The old building has grass growing in front of its door.

The door on the left looks like it hasn't been opened in a while.

The old Tarot readers door

This door leads to a tarot reading.

 Coloful modern door in San Cristobal de las Casas

I wonder what's behind this door, I bet it's interesting.


Old Doors in the Spanish Colonial town of San Cristobal De Las Casas — 3 Comments

    • Kelly, these pics are expeptional. Who took them. Sometimes I envy you two on such a grand adventure. Always follow your dream.

      David & I know a couple, deceased now, who had a lot of adventure in there lives and when asked in their elder years if they had any regrets, they said “we wish we had taken more chances”.

      So, take your chances and relly taste your life. Love to you both.

      Aunt Sandy

      • Thank you Aunt Sandy! I took the photos, I am fascinated by old doors and what might be behind them. Thank you for the words of wisdom. We plan on keeping our lives adventure filled as much as possible. Happy turkey day!

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