More Juitun and an Interesting Offer

Mayan Girl from Guatemala

The photo above is one of my all time favorites. Clicking on any photo will open a nice large gallery viewer.

Terraced Fields in the Highlands of Guatemala

Terraced Fields on the edge of town.


The kids have almost nothing...except bright smiles and pleasant dispositions.

Micro loan pigs

Mother pig was purchased with a micro loan. The baby pigs will be sold to pay the loan and generate income.

A small Mam Maya village in the highlands of Guatemala, Juitun, about 3 hours outside of Quetzaltenango.

Mam Maya Mother and Child working in the field.

Mam Maya mother and child working in the field. I think mostly mom was working here.

I spoke in my last blog about the problems with obtaining potable water.  I finish these photos with a picture of the creek that is used for water.  There is running city water to parts of the town but it is unfiltered and not healthy for domestic use.  When I was there taking these photos in 2004 I told the people I would try and see if I could get interest going in a water treatment facility.  At that time I had a very poor website and had little success in generating interest.

Mayan Child in field

The two girls in back wanted no part of the stranger, but the one in front was fearless.

Four Maya

The little girl and woman had babies on their backs, in traditional Mayan fashion.

Nice Man and his Burro

This man was very happy to have his photo taken with his mule, a real friendly guy.

This is an opportunity for me to try again. If there is an “Angel” out there I will gladly donate several weeks of my time coming to help you get something started.  Anyone seriously interested contact me and we can talk.  Everyone else, I hope you enjoy these photos.  This day was very special to me.

Contaminated Water Source

This is the creek where the towns less fortunate residents have to draw water for washing and I was told drinking as well.

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