Mexico vs France in World Cup Soccer Today Results = Fun!

Mexico plays France in World Cup Soccer

I will be watching Mexico play France in the World Cup soccer matches today. Go Mexico!

Today two of the soccer worlds top teams will play in hopes that one team will advance to the knockout rounds of the World Cup games. The odds makers on the soccer match put the odds at 139/100 that team France will win the match over Mexico. Here in San Cristobal De Las Casas, everyone already knows that Mexico’s soccer team will win the game and advance to the next round. People are stocking up on cold cervezas and chips or planning which bar they will go to. Some places are already full of soccer fans anxiously awaiting Mexico’s victory over France in this years world cup match.

Both Mexico and France have had a bad game or two recently in the World Cup Soccer matches. Mexico played a match against South Africa in what was expected to be a clear Mexican victory. France played a 0 to 0 soccer game against Uruguay in what was also expected to be an easy French victory. I plan on watching the game at Vino a local wine bar owned by a great Italian guy named Ricki. It may be standard to drink beer while watching soccer in the World Cup games, but today in honor of France(even though I am hoping for a Mexican victory) I will be drinking Chilean wine in the Italian restaurant while watching a great World Cup Soccer game in Mexico. I love a good international day, even if as an American I still don’t really get what all the fuss is about.

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