Mexican School of Painting Museum at Santa Maria near Lagos Montebello

As you drive from Comitan towards the Lagos Montebello, several interesting side trips await you. One is the Hotel, Restaurant and Museum of Santa Maria. This old hacienda was built in the 1700’s and still has all of its original colonial charm and grace. The guest rooms looked clean and well outfitted, but we were only there for a day trip. We had a delicious and slightly expensive meal, about $45 for both of us with drinks, and took the short tour of the museum and grounds.

This is the original chapel for the Hacienda. A very impressive little museum.

An 18th century wood carving of Joseph and Jesus inside the museum.

The museum is housed in what was originally the chapel for the hacienda. Inside is some beautiful religious artwork from the 16th through the 18th centuries. Large oil paintings of Jesus, Mary and various saints. Most of the paintings were from what is known as the Mexican School of art, which is a style of painting, not an actual school. The painting that most caught my eye was one of Mary and Jesus. This particular painting from the 17th century had more phallus’s than I had ever seen in one place. I decided who ever the painter was must have been a fairly frustrated individual.

A beautiful 17th century painting of Mary and Jesus surrounded by Phalli.

Posada Santa Maria Museum and Hotel in Chiapas

The guest rooms looking out over an immaculate lawn.

The stop for a leisurely lunch and walk around the facilities took about about 1 1/2 hours and we were back on the road to the Lagos.

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