Lake Atitlan Hit Hard by Agatha

Tropical storm Agatha has dealt a bad blow to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The loss of life, though less than Hurricane Stan, was still widespread. The small town of Jaibalito had considerable damage along with at least 15 confirmed dead in San Antonio Palopo. The town of San Pedro La Laguna had a large landslide on the eastern side of town on what is known as the Finca road with one 10 year old girl missing and a number of homes destroyed.

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Lake Atitlan Hit Hard by Agatha — 4 Comments

  1. Is there anyone there who can tell me if my friends are safe? Ana Maria and Eduardo Navichok, children Erick, Jacqueline, Domingo, live in Campo Bella Vista, San Pedro La Laguna

    • Based on what I have heard from there, I would think they are fine. The missing girl is Tzutujil from San Pedro, I have no other reports of serious injuries. I invite anyone with info on injuries to comment and I will be sure it is posted.

    • A good friend and owner of Bistro Nuevo Sol in San Pedro lost everything, including his pets, in the slide. He makes his living from the little left over from running the resto and doing gardening, I know he will need some help. A reputable guy Chris is taking donations for him here
      As soon as I find someone I trust taking donations for the greater affected population I will post a blog article about it.

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