Lake Atitlan Agatha Recovery 2 Weeks Later

San Antonio Palopo Road Work at Lake Atitlan

San Antonio Palopo Road Repair Work at Lake Atitlan, Photo by Thomas Zeiffle

Road Repairs in San Antonio Palopo, Lake Atitlan

Road in San Antonio Palopo, Lake Atitlan. Photo by Thomas Zeiffle

San Antonio Palopo Road

San Antonio Palopo Road, lots of mud. Photo by Thomas Zeiflle

Lake Atitlan Debris Cleanup

Lake Atitlan Debris Cleanup Near Solola, Photo by Prensa Libre

The work continues on the cleanup and recovery at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala from Tropical Storm Agatha. Many of the families made homeless by the mudslides are still living on the floors of friends and relatives houses. Clean drinking water is still unavailable to many and the road to recovery looks long and difficult.
My friend in San Antonio Palopo, Thomas, posted several photos of the road repair work being done there. “Our road finally got opened thanks to tractors working from the Pana end and our men digging a path through the destruction from our side. It was opened on the 11th. It IS a mess.”
According to Prensa Libre, one of the main national newspapers of Guatemala, the Tourist Commission of Solola organized a trash cleanup of Lake Atitlan and collected over 60 tons of garbage. This just scratches the surface of the actual amount of garbage and debris that needs to be removed from the lake.
I received an email from Freida of AUDA-Asociacion Artisanas Unidos Para de Desarrollo de Atitlan where she said, ” I would like to let you all know there’s a GREAT need for shovels, mulls, wheel barrows, rock picks, sledge hammers, hoes and other escavation tools in San Antonio Palopo.”
The good news is that travel is getting easier and the destination locations around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala of San Pedro La Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna, Panajachel and others are open for business and awaiting the increased tourism usually associated with summer vacations.

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