Hotel Luz En Yucatan in Merida was Great

Merida Yucatan Mexico hotel elegant hallway

The entry way hall to the swimming pool. Notice the complimentary liquor cart on the left. As always click on any photo to ENLARGE.

Hotel Luz en Yucatan in the historic center of Merida is a great little oasis.  After a long 14 hour bus ride I arrived in Merida at 8:30 in the morning and took a taxi from the bus station straight to the hotel. I have been to fairly nice hotels where they will not let you check in early, no matter what. Luz en Yucatan is not one of those places. When I arrived before 9 am they had a clean room and were more than happy to let me check in and get settled.

Luz is run by an Irish guy named Don, at least that’s who I dealt with mostly. He welcomed me with a little tour of the place and gave me some great printouts they had done for visitors on recommended places to eat, have fun and be a happy tourist. He also gave me a copy of Yucatan Today, a very top notch local travel and dining guide. The office generally had someone there to help with advice and directions.

Most of the rooms in the hotel are around a nice little swimming pool, those were all taken so I stayed in a room without much of a view, but very well appointed. The cost after a small discount was $54 USD, which is actually quite a bit out of my budget range and was totally worth it.

Merida Mexico swimming pool in hotel

A very nice swimming pool in hotel Luz En Yucatan.

The room had a quiet new air conditioner, a ceiling fan, small refri that was pre-stocked with 2 cold beers, a coffee machine and fresh ground coffee (not those horrible little pre measured bags), a television with remote, a 5 gallon jug of fresh water with a little electric pump on it and thick plush towels for the bathroom. It was obvious that the management of the place had put a lot of thought into the little things that make a stay nice and comfortable. They even had an alarm clock for me to borrow for my last night so that I wouldn’t miss my bus in the morning.

rooms with pool view in Merida Mexico

Ask for one of the rooms around the swimming pool.

I had planned on staying in a hostel near the central park, but they did not mention air conditioning. After I saw that the temperature was going to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day of my stay, I opted for cool comfort over sweaty and economical. Merida is full of a wide variety of choices in hotels near the center, I was quite happy with mine.

One more thing I should mention about the attention to customer comfort and pleasure that Luz En Yucatan offered is a free liquor cart. It was next to the office and open for anyone to have a shot or add some top shelf liquor to a drink of their own. The only thing the hotel did not have is a restaurant, this was not a problem, there were a ton of choices for eating within 2 or 3 blocks. They did have a well equipped kitchen available for guests use, hostel style.

Home chapel in Merida Mexico

Before being converted into a hotel, the building was a home. This is what's left of the private chapel in the home, now a storage closet.

Merida is a city of 1 million people with very few tall buildings, unless you want to spend all your time in a taxi, staying near the central plaza is a must. The hotel was a short three block walk to the plaza and very close to several cathedrals and other city parks.

My next post will be about walking around Merida and doing a bunch of touristy fun things. Thanks Don and crew for a very enjoyable stay.

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