Guatemala 1 Week After Agatha, Lots of Help Still Needed!

The news about the current set of problems in Guatemala caused by tropical storm Agatha, even the giant sinkhole, is fading from the front pages of the press and the emergency is passing…right?….NO, wrong!!¬† The many groups working to help storm victims around Lake Atitlan and in other parts of this country are still in the thick of the emergency. Many towns are still unreachable by roads, many people still have no access to drinking water, there is great need for clothing, bedding, medicines, health care professionals, tools, manpower…the list is long.

The aid group Mayan Families posted an update on their blog yesterday that you should see. Click here to read more from Mayan Families and see photo updates of the devastation.

Another group working to provide drinking water and other medical aid posted this video a few days ago –

Meanwhile in San Pedro La Laguna Mike Jones of The Buddha, who has been doing great work to help the town posted the following, “Thanks to all who threw in nearly Q3000 to help bring one of the most affected folks in town to the hospital in Guat City. This lady lost her daughter in the landslide and suffered the most injuries of anyone in town. She suffered multiple fractures on her arm and we’re waiting the results of a head scan. Kudos to Paul from Clover for taking her and for waking up at 6am today to travel with her to the city.
We still need lots of help with donations. for long term help efforts and and for PayPal payments that go to immediate relief.”

So once again, I will post links to a few of the many groups who will use your donations wisely and immediately to help people who will be going to bed hungry, sick without medicines, and with no clue of what their future holds after losing everything they have in this world. YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS TO HELP! Small or large your donations are desperately needed. I assure everyone reading this, your donations will be used well!
The International Humanitarian Foundation
Mayan Families
Artisans United for the Development of Guatemala


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  1. Dennis,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ve never been to Guatemala before, so I’m looking forward to our trip next week. We’re volunteering with Habitat in Salam√° and then will do a half day project with Aguas de Unidad when we stay in Antigua (providing water along the route for the Carrera en Comalapa, I think). I had a chance to visit Chiapas (Tuxtla, specifically), last summer on another trip with Aguas de Unidad.
    I like what I’ve read of your blog so far.
    Thanks, Jenni

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