Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala Swallows Mayan Pueblos, Damage From Tropical Storm Agatha and Human Need. New Photo!

The giant sinkhole in Guatemala City that is on the top of all search results for news on Guatemala and the effects of tropical storm Agatha has sucked far more than a building into its black-hole of mystery. The sinkhole has also swallowed any decent reporting of the needs faced by Guatemala as a result of the storm and any discussion of long and short term goals to relieve those needs.
Over the last year Guatemala has had a tremendous shortage of food and agricultural output due to drought as a result of El Nino. The United Nations reported in September of 2009; “Some 2.5 million Guatemalans have been affected by the worst drought to hit the Central American country in 30 years, with hundreds of thousands, including many pregnant women and children, facing severe hunger.” This drought has tremendously reduced the food stores in the country and the ability of the government to get needed food relief to people affected by Agatha. The landslides caused by the storm have affected travel (which is improving daily) and basic crops desperately needed by indigenous farmers in many parts of Guatemala.
The list of immediate needs is long and the stories of both suffering and cooperation in the face of adversity are many. Unfortunately you won’t find much of this in the current news cycle. You will find the depth of the sinkhole, how wide it is, its cause(apparently a dripping faucet or something) and plans on how to fill it in or not. So if you found this post in your search for new photos of the sinkhole, please take a moment and read some of my other posts about the real need and storm destruction in this amazing country.
In this time of ever more tragic world disasters it is easy to feel helpless and resort to imagining what is at the bottom of a mysterious sinkhole in Guatemala city instead of taking the 3 minutes to make a small donation to one of the many groups doing good work in the country. Here is a short list with links to some charities giving direct aid where your small donation (I’m talking $5 here folks) will actually make a positive impact in the lives of some wonderful but desperately in need people.
The International Humanitarian Foudation
Mayan Families
Artisans United for the Development of Guatemala

Sinkhole in Guatemala whats at the bottom

What's at the bottom of the sinkhole in Guatemala city...real news.


Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala Swallows Mayan Pueblos, Damage From Tropical Storm Agatha and Human Need. New Photo! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you. Enough already about the sink hole! The best coverage I’ve found so far has been your blog. So I’ve subscribed and look forward to more from you. We here in a small but comfortable and very safe house in Denver so appreciate what you are doing. We loved San Pedro and will return.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was lucky enough to spend some time in the Atitlán region and really loved the people there– it’s nice to be able to give them something, however small.

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