Volcano in Iceland Still Going but European Air Travel Bans are being lifted..still not affecting Mexico

The volcano in Iceland is still going strong but economic concerns are gaining on safety concerns so some of the flight restrictions are being lifted. Check with your airline to see if your flight to England, Ireland or anywhere else in the European Union has been rescheduled.

Iceland Volcano

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Heart of Time ~ A Movie that takes you to the heart of the Zapatista Resistance ~ A Roadtrip and Review

The road through the park is also the road that leads to Bonampak and the Usamacinta river in the jungle another 5 or so hours away. It was such a nice day and the road was in such good condition we decided to drive past the lakes in towards the deep dark jungle, but not that far in. There was an interesting sign just past what seemed to be the last of the lakes for some waterfalls. Being suckers for a good waterfall we pulled in to take a look.

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