Another Group Doing Great Things in Guatemala

As the situation around Guatemala starts to stabilize and the roads are becoming passable to more remote pueblos the urgent need for donations continues. My friend Doug at had emailed me a video which I posted on my blog the other day from a group called Wuqu’ Kawoq. They have a website with excellent updates about what is going on around the Lake Atitlan region. They are heavily involved in getting drinking water and filtration systems to those who need them and are also training people from other groups on how to make and use water filters.

I received an email from Sharon of the group Mayan Families in response to an email I sent her asking for a list of their specific needs, here’s her reply;
“We are in need of cash donations to provide food for families.
We are opening a feeding program tomorrow for children in San Antonio.
We are in need of donations of clothing, blankets, shoes, baby clothes, baby blankets, socks, underwear ( all gently used is fine) .

Any donation is greatly appreciated.
Physical donations can be sent using a Medrano or Zuleta shipment that comes directly to our door. They have many locations all over the U.S. Unfortunately, we do not have the money to cover the shipment, that would have to be covered by the people who send it.”

If you are planning a trip to the Lake Atitlan area in the near future, filling part of your luggage with some of the needed items and then getting them to the organizations could be a real nice thing to do. I recommend you contact these organizations directly and see what you can do to help them, and yes, small donations really help also.

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