A Guatemalan Highland Scorpion Up Close

In the highlands of Guatemala lives a group medium sized brown scorpions. The good thing about these scorpions is that their sting, though painful like a hornet, is not lethal. Unless you are allergic to scorpion stings, then maybe they are. My dog Lucy alerted me to this guy climbing up onto our patio area in the front yard.

A Guatemalan scorpion runs over the asphalt.

They say that if you kill a scorpion, it’s bad luck and two more will show up to take its place. Wanting to take no chances, I scooped him up with some newspaper and deposited him a safe distance away. I actually find scorpions to be extremely beautiful and graceful little creatures, in their slightly ominous sort of way.

So, if you ever come across a scorpion in Guatemala, don’t panic. It probably can’t kill you and it wants to avoid you as much as you want to avoid it. I recommend using an overturned drinking glass or cup to capture the little guy on the floor, then slide some paper or a travel brochure underneath the glass. Then you can transport him away from your room and deposit the monster a safe distance from your space, or just sweep him out of your room. If all else fails the heel of your shoe can bring a quick end to the dilemma, just watch where you walk the next morning, his friends might be looking for you 😉

A scorpion prepares to strike.

This scorpion was letting me know he did not appreciate papparazzi.

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