A Boy Sells Roses in San Cristobal

Rose Boy

A young street vendor selling roses. (as always, click any photo to enlarge)


While sitting and drinking some lemonade at a sidewalk cafe in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico, I took some photos of a young boy selling roses. He walked past us, sat down on the sidewalk, and began trimming the loose petals off of his roses. Once he had the buds all cleaned up he stood up and started selling his wares. The first man he asked just ignored him, so after the man walked past he threw the loose rose petals at his back, like red confetti. Kelly called him over, picked out a nice rose, and paid him the requested 10 pesos. A bit much by local standards, but totally worth it for these photos.

Selling roses in San Cristobal Mexico

A young boy prepares his roses for sale on the streets in San Cristobal, Mexico.

A boy sells roses in Mexico

Carefully pulling the wilted petals off the red rose buds.

Tourist selects rose in Mexico

A tourist at the street side cafe selects the best rose.

Mexico rose seller

After a successful sale the young rose seller in Mexico moves on.


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