A Blog Post About Blogging and Facebook Friend Postings in Mexico with Waterfalls ;)

Dennis and Kelly at El Chiflon

Dennis and Kelly at El Chiflon outside of Comitan in Chiapas Mexico.

OK…so I have started this blog which is still new to me and in danger of crazy unpredictable turns at any minute, so just to throw a left handed monkey wrench into the mix I have decided to start playing with travel videos. The tech and shooting and going places to experience and record them seems just wicked cool to me. If I can figure out a way to subsidize it all by sharing it then woohoo, if not, still woohoo!! It seems like video blogs are going to be or are the next step in blogging so why not explore a video travel blog. A travidlog if you will.
I have been diabolically using Facebook and subjecting my Facebook friends to testing my stuff before I put it out here. I have decided to go ahead and post my first attempt at a travel video blog, this is beta testing at best. I shot this with my pocket camera not really planning to do a real travel video. Next time I’ll follow the advice and lessons I have learned since starting to make this. There’s actually quite a lot to put together. Shooting a bunch from different angles and not zooming or panning too much is big, no funny edits with book turns or spinny whirly outs and ins, “if you can’t resolve, dissolve” or is it “if you can’t evolve then revolve”, “when in doubt twirl” something like that anyway. This video breaks all those rules, it’s goin’ rogue. I can’t wait to get out there and shoot with half an idea how I am supposed to hold the camera. I know what to do with a dslr but this is my first time trying to make videos, Dennis’s big video adventure. I’ll do a proper post of the waterfalls at El Chiflon, just outside of Comitan de Dominguez in Chiapas, next. Today you get the video which may finally prove that I should not be allowed near technology ever.


A Blog Post About Blogging and Facebook Friend Postings in Mexico with Waterfalls ;) — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Dennis, It’s Mike….greatrings from veracruz, hope you remember me from that day at the waterfalls.
    I finally could enter your website, I didn’t do it before because of the school and my other activities, so I don’t have many time for me… but I ended school so I’m free (for now).
    I hope you and kelly are ok, and having a good time at chiapas and traveling a lot.
    I’m passing by very quickly because I have to go to my english class. but I thank you again for that day and the time you let me talk with both of you, It was really great.
    well, I have to go, but I’ll pass more often to check where are you traveling.

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